About Us

Shanu, Bosky & Richa

Shanu, Bosky & Richa

About faces  was born from Richa and shanu’s passion  for  creating unique and distinctive looks for their clients by emphasizing the natural beauty in each individual face.


.Having worked with hundreds of brides over the years they  have  specialised in creating that special look ranging from very natural to the ultra glamorous depending on the clients requirements.

Richa and shanu believes in finding  the perfect bride/ groom wear and makeup style for their clients, whether the event calls for simply natural or elaborately dramatic, is always their first priority.

Everything that creates true passion and makes a person unique as an individual. and so was born About faces as we know…

About faces  is a perfect blend of trendy ideas,  superior quality products, all giving the most desirable results to you in the areas of fashion/hair and beauty offering  a full range of the latest  trousseau/hair and beauty  exceptional services.