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Hairstyling is an art!!!

Hair have for years adorned a woman’s eternal beauty. Long black hair has been a trend from grandmother’s time and I remember how careful she used to be while oiling the hair or even giving it a wash. Today it’s in again from the ear of curls to straightening and from long strand s to short hair which are easy to maintain. It’s not only women but even men today who are conscious with their hair-dos. Be it the d-day or any occasion hair adorns the beauty and is a vital part of personality grooming. However today’s hectic  schedule has taken all of us away from the hot oil massage at home or even thick long hair for some. Brittle hair due to styling n gels has become a more frequent sight. But as they say it’s always a sunrise after a sunset so is the case with hair. There are hair experts who have designed shampoos and serums specially for the thin hair..From buns to beads to hair tied up in a pony..It’s all back and the in-thing today. And to give that special touch the fragrance of fresh jasmine in the form of gajras are available. Use of puffs is back from the 70s era to the 21st century. Everything is available one just needs the eye to catch the right one. Thin hair is no longer an issue when beauty parlours and hair experts are there with the right liquids in hand.  Hairstyling is an art and we have the skill to put in on.


Article by: Pritha, NOIDA 

colours on the pallet for the inner beauty in you!!!!

Make-up is the most important part which contributes in enhancing the beauty of a bride. A wedding day is special in a girl’s life, where she wants her beloved to adore her and vice-versa. It’s true that internal beauty counts in the long run, but practically in real life people first get attracted to the outer reflection adorned by colours.

Looking beautiful is every girl’s right. Branded products like Mac,Loreal & Lakme play a vital role in the beautification on the pallet. Light make up with foundation is the latest trend aptly matching the exquisite lehangas or sarees.. And it’s not just the bride, even the groom is all out to make that perfect impression adorning the perfect dress with a good spa and face toned with natural facials!. Indian Grooms like to keep their outfits in a Sober, classic, slim cut manner. White,Cream,Crimson ,marron with wine Shades are used a lot for the grooms outfit. Especially Designers are appointed to cut out Sherwanis with stone and jaree works. Wearing the perfect colour with the glossy or matte look is what the youth demand today. From the traditional in house adornment to professionals with the right stroke of the brush, it’s all there and in trend. What one needs is choosing the right brand and retain the natural look on the D-Day. So go ahead and be yourself, play with the colours and mark the beginning of a new life with that someone special.


Article by: Pritha,Noida